Why didn't call?

i invited a guy I've been flirting with to come to my place to hangout watch movies etc. he said yes and then texted me what time? then a few hours later asked if I still wanted him over. I replied to both texts then he said he would call me soon and that his at a friends place. and he never called it's been 3 days now. oh and also a side not we have had sex a few times when we first started getting to know each other but we have both made it clear that we want to be in a relationship first. and he has also tried to hangout with me multiple times but things have always come up. got sick, too late, etc.

and also if you think I should text him to ask why he never ended up calling me what should I say? with out sounding clingy or like I'm mad?


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  • "oh and also a side not we have had sex a few times "

    To you, it's a side note. To a guy, it's the key to your whole situation.

    "buut we have both maade it clear that we want to be in a reltionship first. "

    Yeah. I'm sure. That sounds like something *you* would say, and he would agree to, and claim he feels the same way.

    I can picture him now, at his mates place, having fun.

    "So, are you going over to this girls place?"

    "I dunno. Maybe."

    "You gonna f*** her?"

    "No, she put a stop to that."

    "Then why are you going over bro?"

    "Good question bro. Pass me a beer."


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  • the best you can do is bring it to his attention what he is doing. but don't assume anything cause that's the worst thing you can do when he might not be at fault. just get in contact an ask him:)

  • you are too young to be having sex. He did not call because he got it too easy. Learn how to spell and worry more about school than sex as you will be having babies that you will not be able to care for if you are not careful

    • wtf? I didn't say anywhere in there that I want to have sex with him again. I was just stating a important part of my friendship with him. read teh link I just sent the other guy thanks

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    • English is my second language so I'm sorry and I'm also typing very fast ( it is 2am where I live and I want to get to bed) also I am almost 18 :)

    • Ok-well very good English-please try to be a bit slower with guys and take your time. You are young and have your whole life ahead of you to focus on guys. Enjoy life and be safe

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