I just have one question for the guys...Why?

So I have been thinking about this for awhile and I would just like to know something. Why do guys commit to just one girl? I understand love and what not, but even with love it seems that some guys still are out to taste it all. What about that special girl seals the deal for you? And I have another question, what makes you want to have children with a women?...because to me that is the ultimate commitment because you are now tied to that women for forever whether you like it or not because that is the mother of your child and that child is going to go through life with your DNA and genes running through their body.

So all in all this is what I'm asking...Why do you guys (and I'm not talking in general I'm talking the men) commit to a women? What about a women would seal the deal for you (not talking about strictly sex)? And what makes you want to have children with a women?

Just one of the many questions that make me go hmmmm?...haha


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  • That is a really tough question.

    At some point, men who want to commit and do it, have finally grown up and started to think about things bigger than themselves. This takes maturity. When they start to think beyond themselves, ironically, they also start to think deeper about themselves too, to see what they are really all about. It's sort of like you need to get outside of yourself to really see yourself, to gain perspective.

    When men do this, they see that they are happier and more fulfilled with family. Men need people too (though differently than women), but it sometimes takes them a while to discover that. No matter how special the girl, a man commits when he comes to this understanding himself. Now there are plenty of men who commit before, buts it's usually a matter of duty they are living up to. The full comitment often comes later. You can help men grow up and see this, but it has to come from them to work. It's not a reflection on you if he is not there yet. it's just him. And sometimes, we are not ready yet when that special person is there, and we miss out on that person. Hopefully we find another special person when the time is right.

    Naturally speaking, men are sexually attracted almost all girls at some level. It's how we are made. But maturity leads to not acting on that attraction, and finding fulfillment with the person you are with. They might still see woman they want, they might even think about her sexually very briefly, but that is hormone acting. Mature men can push that aside and move on with their happy, committed relationship.

    Don't judge us men too harsh on the sexual attraction thing. We will see girls that cause those feelings a lot. But do expect us to move on and not dwell on it. Do expect us to live up to commitments.

    I feel for women, because I think they inherently need men more/differently for fulfillment, and they feel this much sooner than men often do. That means there are some years where younger men are running around and the girls are just ready for the relationship. It's very frustrating to you, but I don't know what will change that. Look for a man who is ready, and don't settle for one that is not. There is NOTHING better than a good relationship...and NOTHING worse than a bad one...and that is exponentially true when kids are involved.


  • Well, guys without much game find pursuing lots of women stressful/frustrating, so they would much rather have the emotional connection and relationship enjoyment with one woman.

    For guys who are able to pursue lots of women, its a tradeoff, they typically tradeoff quantity for quality. The one woman is going to be that much more special then the rest, and they see themselves raising a family with her.

    Guys like that tend to be very picky for a long term relationship.


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