Not want to talk about it... Or trying to make me worry..?

So guys don't like being questioned I've noticed. Obviously. So when a guy says "I got into a fight", I'm not sure if he's just saying he got into a fight or if he wants the attention about it. Because if I say "what happened" he replies "don't worry about it". So should I not worry about it? Or is he mindtricking me into worrying about it? lol I do overthink things! Things are not straight forward and therefore have many different things that they could possibly mean! So please, if you are going to say I overthink things, you can just not. :P


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  • i think he wants to brag about it. I'd ask. :)

    • :P I did ask. He said "don't worry imaa go to bed" loool. I think he just didn't want to sound dry. :/ ... Oh well.. lol

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