I've been talking to a girl....

By the way this is a guy this is my cousins account just wanted to ask one question... iv been talking to a friend and we talk everyday and we get along great and we always flirt... the thing is I always text her first... and if I don't text her with a question or something she won't text back untill I text her again... a few weeks ago I didn't text her for a few days and it took her 3 days to finaly text me... she said why I hadn't text her and I told her why Because she never texts me first so I didn't want her to get annoyed of me.. she said no never not to think like that... so what is it? I know she's into me but why doesn't she text


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  • most girls won't text the guy first because if the guy texts first it means that he's thinking about you, and that is nice to know from a girls piont of view anyway. Other times its just because the girls don't want the guy to think she's desperate. Good luck :)

    • thanx... nd yea I kno that but the thing is this has been going on for a while now and its still the same thing

  • Maybe she's busy, not interested, or shy to text first?