What is going on please help me?

okay every time my boyfriend gets mad he tells me I'm not a woman an I'm a kid and I text him sometimes if we are around people if he makes me really mad because I don't want everyone to hear our business out of respect for him and he tells me he doesn't wanna play this kiddy text game our main issue is every time he gets mad at me he has to let everyone in the house know what's going on instead of just coming to me. An I've tried talking to him about it and nothing changes. Its just embarrassing being around people after he does this and it might be an argument when he's right but it's hard to say sorry to someone after they do this. I'm not trying to be childish in this relationship I just wanna know if I'm right by feeling this way and what am I supposed to do ?


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  • No, he's the one being immature. You shouldn't be with someone who treats you that way.

    • thank you I try time after time to explain to him that our business is our business but he just doesn't get it he thinks I embarrass myself by performing the action that pisses him off but personally I don't believe I deserve to have our argument screamed to his brother-n- law and nephew. His ex also used to tell him I was nieve because he left her for me and she's older than me and he will say sometimes that she was right and it just irritates me.

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  • sounds like he's the one being childish by telling everyone your business and insulting you by calling you a kid. I've had to address this with my boyfriend before too. When the two of you are having a problem its best not to involve outsiders because they don't forget and they'll hold it against one of you long after youve forgiven each other. I know people tend to go to their friends for relationship advice but id rather ask an online forum of strangers, its more respectful that way. When he's mad wait until you can call him alone and just talk to him about it, but he has to be willing to respect you and your relationship's privacy.

    • he gets mad at me because I go to my best friend sometimes but that's better than me getting mad at him and yelling my opinion about the issue to his family at their house when the incident happens its like he can't hold his anger in and then wants an apology and says he can't believe I'm not woman enough to say sorry

    • well tell him not to tell his whole family, work on your communication and apologize only when your wrong. Explain to him that you have to be able to communicate effectively with each other that's the only way it will work.