I don't like talking on the phone

i'm a girl who doesn't like talking on the phone

i'm really awkward over the phone, and not very good at keeping a conversation going - I prefer to talk to someone face to face

funny enough I've started seeing a guy who prefers to call instaed of text

what are some ways I can make myself more comfortable over the phone with him..and avoid awkward silences


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  • Tease him when those awkward silences come up.

    Say you get that silence...

    You: Why you being so quiet? Nothing to say to me?

    he might get a little nervous and think you're mad at him, but just reassure him with a cute little giggle after he gets all antsy.

    Those little things are great for keeping conversations going or building a better relationship.


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  • this is a tuff one! cause I'm the same exact way as you are and I don't think there is anything that will change that. my advice is to just simply tell him you hate talking over the phone as positive as you can

  • Lots of girls suck at talking on the phone and surely lots of guys. I personally hate texting.


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