Is this girl insane/playing head games?

Things she has done:

1. gets her friends to watch me and if her friends tell her I am looking at her she starts playing with her hair

2. talked to me outside of class a couple of days ago

3. walks across the room or walks in and out of the class AND talks louder...her friends are watching me the entire time ---> she does all of this to see if I am paying attention to her?

4. she definitely wears makeup and pretty clothes on days we have if she's showing off.

5. before we talked she used to look at the floor sometimes and smile...she moves her eyes away from me if I try to make eye contact too

She has been doing this for like 3 she just playing head games with me or do you think she actually likes me?

Don't you think she's putting in a lot of effort to get my attention?

(btw, I asked her if she watned to get something to eat and she just shook her head and went to the washroom after it got awkward lmao)


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  • She's so playing with you. I'll tell you what's going on:

    She used to like you, but now that's change(maybe she changed her mind or something) then now she's just getting a thrill off of you noticing her and wanting her. She just likes being noticed/chased.

    • when I ignored her in class the next week, she seemed desperate to get my attention.

      She seems like a shy girl, she is quiet etc...but again, when I ignored her she looked a bit sad.

    • I'm thinking she seemed sad because it looked like you didn't want her anymore... so the thrill of someone desiring her was over. BTW: I'm sure she's playing games with you just to get some attention, after seeing the part about her turning you down. If she really liked you she'd have said yes. On to the next, she's not worth it.

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  • She's playing games and is thriving on the attention. She would've said yes to you when you asked her to go get food. Sounds immature, I'd say "Next!"

    • True that.

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    • normally I'd agree with this, but I really do like her a lot.

      what do you envision happening if she and I were to get a long? I mean you are 26 ha.

      Do you think perhaps that she doesn't know what she wants ?

    • Yea I'm 26 and I don't play dumb games like that. And do you really wanna keep pursuing someone who can't make up their minds on what they want? But it's your call and you do what you feel is right

  • 1.) she is shy and likes you

    2.) finds you attractive and likes it when you give her attention... but I feel like if she really liked you she probably would have said yes when you asked her to get something to eat

    • When I asked her if she wanted to get something to eat, she didn't say no. She shook her head really fast, didn't even say a word. Then I asked her why not, if she had things to do. She said she had things to do in a giggly way, as if she was flattered.

      After she said no, we were walking and I was looking at the ground since I was embarssed. I felt she was looking at me and as soon as I turned my head to her she looked up at the sign...then said "cya later" as she stormed to the washroom

    • okay I guess that makes things a little clearer. maybe she does like you and she is ridiculously shy but she tries to get you to notice her, or she just likes it when you pay attention to her. I'm not a hundred percent sure which one she is feeling, but to me she seems pretty immature. if you like her, you can try talking to her some more and see if she becomes a bit more direct with you.

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