It's rude to not text or call for two or three days when you're in a relationship, is it not?

We've been on and off for over five years. He's never been a big phone person(neither am I) but I still think it's odd to not even text goodnight every night and he just don't give a damn. He'll take the initiative and text sweet messages every night for a month or two, but then he quits. He doesn't realize that maintaining a relationship is necessary to keep it going in the right he ever gonna be consistent or am wasting my time hoping he will change?


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  • It's a bit srange IMO, but that's because I'm a person who believes in communicating daily w/my mate. At this point, I really don't think his inconsistent communication will change. He is who he is. I think you have to either accept him as is or move on to someone who communicates in a manner that you wnt them to.


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  • Men want women to change!

    And they do!

    But! When women want men to change!

    They don't!

    If you expect a man to conform/comply!

    Take a number!

    What ever happened to just calling people?

    A by-gone era!

    Men really do not know what a relationship is all about!

    Women spend time learning talking to other women about it!

    Men don't do that!

    If you are looking for his soft side!

    You can keep on digging!

    You may not even find it!

    If it's not there!

    It's not there!

  • Why don't YOU call/text him first? Maybe he feels that he's putting the effort in and you're not.

  • It's a guy thing. He's probably not going to change, and to be honest, you could find a dozen great guys out there, and they'd all be the same.

    It's a guy thing. Not a him thing or an a**hole thing.

    From a guys point of view, girls need way way too much constant reassurance and checking in...


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  • It is,but some guys just aren't phone people. Nothing you can do to change that. You either accept or you don't. Simple as that.

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