I need help. Should I keep trying to get with her?

Ok. So I meet this girl at some field trip, lol. Some friend told me she was asking for me and though I was cute, so before we left I asked for her number (we did not even talked during the time we where at the location except for when we got introduced by friends, just a normal, "Hi my name is...") and she gave it to me. After I called her, got to know each other a bit more, and I learned she is not a virgin (I have no issue with that). Now its been a month and about a week and we have not meet up. When we try she is either working or cant. And when we can, my dad won't drive me, she lives like in the other side of town! Lat time we texted was because I asked her if she wanted to webcam. She said she could not cause at the moment she was in the road, but would text me when she could. As of now it's been a week since I texted her or she texted me. She never texts first as well so should I text her? I feel like she may have not even texted me since its been a month and maybe she lost interest. So Should I text her first? or wait. Should I even keep trying? I mean I've grown to like her and again I feel since it's been about a month since we seen each other she may not even be interested anymore. I'm just so confused haha.

Thanks! :D

Btw: I mentioned the virgin part cause I figured since she's not a virgin she would be more out there. If it makes sense. Also last time we texted I asked her if she wanted to webcam, she said she could not but would let me know when she could. and has not since then.


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  • Well first of all, just because she isn't a virgin anymore doesn't mean she is a "more out there."

    And maybe she wants you to try harder? So text her first and ask her to hang out when you can actually make it happen...Once you've hung out with her you can ask her to webcam so it's not as awkward for her since she's only seen you once and you guys don't really know each other.

    Now, if she always says she can't hang out, and hardly texts back, you should definitely stop trying, she might not be interested and might get annoyed by you.


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  • Stop going after her. First off, you don't have the ability to reliably meet up with this girl and second if you're always initiating she's probably replying cause she's nice or she likes the attention. If she liked you she would have made more of an effort to meet up or at least communicate with you.

    You've only grown a fondness for her because you're talking to her and you're a rookie with girls. It happens. Move on.

  • Stop trying, man. She just thought you were cute and wanted some attention.

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