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I'm in that over-the-moon, dreamy, dizzy phase of falling for a guy I met not too long ago. I saw a question on GAG a couple of days ago that asked for people to describe men in their life they appreciate. Naturally I thought of him and described what a wonderful person he is. It felt great to put this guy and my feelings for him into words. If anyone else would like to share their description of the person they're falling for, I would love to hear it. In case anyone cares, here was my description:

One of the first things that I noticed about him was how helpful he is to everyone around him, while asking nothing in return. He instantly volunteers to help no matter how much of an inconvenience. When I mentioned this to him, he looked at me as if it were almost silly to even consider not doing so, and told me that he just figures that if something is difficult for someone and less so for him, then it just makes sense for him to help-as if this were the most logical and natural thing in the world. (If only it were!)

He is so at ease with himself that he makes everyone around him comfortable. He can talk to anyone no matter how old/young/rich/poor/whatever without being either insecure or condescending. He is incredibly intelligent but not the least bit arrogant. He is so genuine and not afraid to laugh at himself.

As if I could have had any doubts, I soon learned that he is just as good a partner as he is a human being. As we were first getting together, he stopped in the middle of everything to give me a long talk about his "no pressure" policy and had me assure him I wanted things as much as he did before proceeding. After we became an item he told me how he'd tried to do things to impress me like being good at volleyball and snorkeling, and how it would make him so happy whenever he made me laugh. When I would occasionally slip into a little bit of a bossy tone he would just laugh it off and indulge me. When we were out together he would remember the little things I said I enjoyed and point them out to me. When I was cold he would bring me hot water. When we would walk through town together he would always look out for me and make sure to walk on the outside of the sidewalk. And when we were alone together he would brush the hair out of my eyes and brush my skin so gently. And one time when I thanked him for one of his countless kindnesses he looked at me again with that curious, it-never-occurred-to-me-to-do-otherwise look and said "I'm just here to make you happy."

He was a complete gentleman in the truest sense of the word. He made me feel so safe and cared for and protected. And he inspires me to want to be a better person.


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  • It seems like you are really taken with this guy =) lol. sounds nice. lol