What do you do when a guy is in love with you but you're not with them?

Some guy has been in love with me for like a year now and he broke up with me last year...so what do I do?


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  • Tell him that you do not feel the same and that you don't want to be involved with him and he should find someone worth building a relationship with

    • i did tell him that haha

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    • he accepts but then just keeps trying to get back with me

    • tell him no means no. lol. But seriously you should use a firm tone and tell him that you are serious and there is really nothing he can do to be with you becasue you do not feel the same way about him. It is only hurting him and it's not fair to him to try to keep going on like he is because it will not get him anything or anywhere but in a place of heartache.

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  • He broke up with you and you don't love him? What's the problem? Let him find someone who is interested in him.

  • If he was in love with you, wouldn't he still be with you. It sounds like he just wants rebound sex with an ex, because you still talk to him



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