Does her not replying mean its over?

Me and my girlfriend of 6 months split up 4 weeks ago.During the split we both admitted that we still love each other and had feelings for each other. She said she cried everyday since the split and found it tough. We agreed to text each other now and then as long we were nice to each other.When we split she said she's doing what she thinks is best for both of us. Which I disagree.I was texting her on Monday and the conversation ended like this:

Me"Yeah I'm still sad about us :( x"

Her " sh*t like this takes time. Tonight is gonna be the first night I'm not going to get upset! Gonna crash out I'm trashed. Night x"

Me " Sorry didn't mean to upset you.All I do is think about you at the moment. Anyway Have a good night sleep. Happy birthday for tomorrow babe. Hopefully speak to you soon xxxx"

Then on Tuesday it was her birthday. I know I said happy birthday the night before however when I was out with friends on the night I sent her this message "Thought I better text you happy birthday and have a great night! Before I have one margarita too many x"

My friends suggested to say happy birthday again, Even though I said it night before Since my last message she hasn't replied. Does this mean she's over me or insulted by the message?


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  • I'm wondering the same thing just that in my case when I text my ex boyfriend he never reply. Not that I text him a lot. Maybe like 3 text in a whole year since we broke up. But at work I know he still likes me because he is genuinely happy to see me and always trying to talk and look at me. He teases me a lot too. So I'm confused. It's been over a year now and he still seems to likes me a lot. He hasn't date anyone and he get jealous when I'm close with other guys. I texted him like "hey, how've you been? just thinking about u" or "happy birthday" never reply any of them. So what are you guys thinking?

    • I think his just being friendly in front of you and doesn't want to upset you because he still cares about. I think him not replying to the texts he doesn't want to give you the wrong impression that his interested and prefers to just ignore than say leave him alone.I would say if he wants you back he should make the effort, and if he was really a nice guy he would of replied to your birthday text by at least saying thanks.

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  • Sorry to say, but move on and initiate no contact.

    Right now you're just dancing to her tune. You're being out played.

    • Yeah I'm starting to get that feeling now. Things is on the Monday night we were really chatting texting a fair bit.Then no response on Tuesday. She thanked me for giving her advice on stuff, she's told me that she's still sad about the break up but feeling much better in herself as she's come off the pill, Would she really blow cold that quick in such a short space of time?

    • My best advice will be no contact. It'll be hard but you gotta let her realize what she lost.

      If you're still giving her advice and support you're technically helping HER get over YOU because she can still get everything she needs out of you while being able to look for other potential relationships.

      You're being played.