She's interested in a relationship, but I don't know what to do.

Alright. so for almost a year now, I've been working at the local movie theater. when I started there, I immediately noticed this girl. I thought she was really funny, and she thought the same of me. we started getting closer and closer at work. to the point now, where we always go to a diner after work and spend a few hours just talking and laughing at stupid jokes only we get. So now I've known her for some time now, and I've flat out asked her before what she thought of me, and she said she was beginning to like me but didn't want to risk losing me. its clear to me now she's interested in a relationship, but I don't know what to do. she's also said that I'm the only one she can act like herself around, and last night she said I'm one of the only people she's comfortable with hugging her and generally being touchy around, and she said this while curled up in my lap in her car after dinner. I'm just absolutely horrible with transitioning into a relationship. I need some help here, please.


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  • Just say what you said here to her.

    Ask her, you can sort it out together. Might work out, might not, but that's what happens in life. Just have to go and find out.

    No worries.

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