I met two guys online and I like both of them. How do I choose which one I want?

i met two guys online and I like both of them my stats are this:

i am divorced 33 year old with one child.

5 6 200 light skin honey eyes

stats of the first guy:

20 year old goes to school for computer engineer expresses to me how much he loves me all the time, is down to earth, not jealous, not possessive, we don't have the same things in common like music, but we have some of the same types of movies in common, OK looking, and does not have money. he wants a relationship but would actually think of it seriously when he is 25.

6 2 185 light skin green eyes

stats of the second guy:

24 year old architect in his last year getting his masters degree, we have so much in common as far as music and taste, expresses his love towards me, is a bit more mysterious, jealous type, very attractive and has money. he is looking for something serious now.

5 10 160 light skin black eyes

i really feel like I want the second guy but I really feel bad to hurt the first guy, this would be the second time I left him and the first time I left him he took it so bad punched a door fought with his family and was hysterical crying and begging for me to take him back...

Please help... what should I do? now the first guy is friends with me on Facebook and now the second guy wants to be Facebook friends but how can they both be Facebook friends... omg what should I do and how ?


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  • There's usually a far better chance of having someone in a relationship who has many things in common. If the first guy showed such violent behavior after you left him, it means that he is emotionally immature. You will have a lot of difficult issues with him in the future.

    The second's guy mysteriousness and jealosy are not very good prognostic factors. If he is hiding something, it means you may not be able to establish trusting relationship with him. And trust is central to stability.

    You have every right to decide who your friends are on Facebook. You can choose whomever you like and not ask anyone's opinion.

    I'd say, you may wish to explore your relationships with the second guy. If you can figure out his reasons to be secretive and make him open up, then you have a gopher. (Sorry, I just love this expression, no offense).


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  • The second one. He can support you, is mature, knows what to do in life already...

    Don't let your feelings get in the way. Someone has to get hurt and cry. It sucks but you have to do something.

    • what should I say to the first guy, I did this to him before and he went crazy ... what do I do what do I say omg ... help

    • Does he know you have a child? Find something bad about yourself and tell him you can't be with him because of this, such as your 33 and he's still 20. There is still more to life. You will thank me someday and understand. He will go crazy again, beg, and do anything for you but all you can do is watch and cry...time will heal everything. Nothing else to do except break it off before it goes any deeper as it is now and remember the good times.

  • So...have you met EITHER of these guys in person yet?

    • not yet, but I have the option of seeing either of them this summer the second will pay my ticket to see him , the first guy doesn't have money... omg

    • Yeah, well, I've been having trouble deciding between Princess Leia and Pocahontas...oh, where were we? Yes, well maybe you should actually meet at least one of these individuals (and thus determine that they actually exist at least somewhat as advertised) before making a firm commitment to either one.

  • Maybe you should think about sex feeling between them

    • i am more sexually attracted to the second guy. I have done things on webcam with both.

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    • why would you think the first guy is more suitable for sex, actually its funny you say that the 20 year has a big penis and the 24 year old is average... size really doesn't matter .. but I am actually more sexually attracted to the 24 year old.

    • haha, I think both of them are suitble for you in sex,but both are not suitble in life

  • Cool I read some of the comments below, interesting. Well go with the one that you think is better for you in the long run.


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  • sounds like you already made a choice. Just tell the other guy that you do not want to be in a relationship with him and that you want something different than what he is looking for and don't thin kthat you two make a good match.

  • brown eyes!*

    Second one.

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