Why can't I ever have a normal life?

I don't get it... what's so wrong with me?

I've never had a serious relationship or been able to attract any girls that would be mutually interested in that.

I just want a normal life... do fun things... have someone to go on dates with and spend time with... and I am 23 and this never happens to me. I don't get it... it's depressing...

I have only a few friends who I RARELY see... can't get the jobs I really want to get(and don't give me the economy BS) because this does not apply to the jobs I want and people who I know are less deserving get them and I try SO hard...

I just don't understand. I have certain views which some of you may know about... but there are guys with my views who have normal lives... and I don't... why? why does this happen to me? I am so so tired of this...


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  • I understand how you feel because I often feelt the same too but I do realize that I need to be more optimistic. For a good job, a good girlfriend or even just a good friend, sometimes you need to count on destiny. Just try to be in your good mood everyday, enjoying what you like to do and you will see that you will meet someone fated for you.

    Neither girls or guys enjoy a sulky partner because we all have enough problems on our own after all.


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  • Stop looking around and watching what everyone else is doing. Focus on your life and get things done. Just because you hear no once don't give up. Watch the Wedding Singer!

  • don't think this way.be optimistic and you will finally find your life.


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  • Congratulations! Welcome to life!

    Things aren't always easy, sometimes you expect to get more then you expected but most pf the te you have to settle for less

    Surely what we all want doesn't come our way, we have to work for it to get there

    There is no "normal life", everyone has something in their life they expect more from

    Being in a relationship is fun but has their negative points too and I got a job that I never wanted, but I never imagined how fun it is and realized it is actually better then what I wanted to do

    Sure, you can make yourself depressed about things not going your way, untill you realize its pointless and only holding you back to actually "work your way up" to get what you actually want so you can be proud of yourself