Entering the dating world?

Ok, so yeah, I know I'm 20 and all but I have never really dated...so I was wondering if there is any advice on what to do.

I was engaged a few months back and due to me finding out he was lying to me (about money and other things) I broke it off...so now I am considering trying to date again. However, I have never done so as an "adult".

Also, just a note, I don't really have any experience physically with guys. My ex fiance was even the first man I kissed...so yeah...

I just worry about not meeting anyone at all, or worse, meeting someone who turns out to be a creep.


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  • You might have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your handsome prince.

    The way I see it is - don't enter the dating world with thoughts of entering the dating world. Your expectations are probably too high then, and you'll no doubt be disappointed more often that not. What I'd focus on is just, you know, getting out there and meeting people without putting pressure on yourself to get out there and meet people you may or may not date. Socialize a lot, get used to talking to people and meeting new people. Flirt. But don't set your sights on meeting your Mr. Right.

    Essentially what I'm saying - is because of your history, it's probably best to approach this a little more laid back. Go on dates not expecting more than a date, exchange numbers with a guy not really expecting more than a possible date. Don't be desperate to find someone to settle down with. The more guys you go on a date or flirt with - the easier it gets to do, and more comfortable you become; and then it gets easier to know which guys you want to avoid, and which guys might become more.

    • Thanks, yeah I think my mindset is a problem. I'm used to a scenario of when you are dating someone you are going in for the long haul. :) So I'm going to try to relax.

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  • Don't be afraid. :)

    Be yourself and have fun. He will find you. Men love girls with smile.

    Good men are willing to work for you. So don't be afraid to say no at first.

  • In my experience, when you go "into the dating world" looking to find someone, you are generally disappointed. Your expectations may also be too high for what may happen, or what you want to happen. Keep your eyes open an take it slow so you can find the right guy. It may not come right away, but you will eventually find what you want.


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