Guys: What would you do about this? Girls: Why do you let this happen/what should I do?

I'm totally into this girl, but there is one major problem:

This other guy is *constantly* hanging out with her. They are not dating, but he flirts with her every moment of his life, and he has no other friends at all. She likes his flirting, so she keeps him around. Even today, when she should be allowed to spend time with her roommate she hasn't seen for a month or so, he's over at her house, all day so far!

It's very difficult to spend any time with her alone. The closest we ever got to a date, he showed up.

How should I handle this?

(And when he showed up on that "date", there were clear indications she was trying to pay attention to me and not him, such as him asking her to dance, and then her leaving him mid-dance to ask me to dance, and other things as well.)


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  • Shes stringing the other guy on and its not fair to him or you...She needs to sit down and talk to him about the situation..Or you need to confront her and tell her you feel uncomfortable and kinda frustrated with this guy and/or her. lol@"he flirts with her every moment of his life"

    • :-P That's not an exaggeration!

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  • They hang out because she like him. If he showed up on a "date" then that's a clear sign she likes him and not you.

  • Move on, because it's obvious she likes this douche bag, otherwise she wouldn't keep him around...she is encouraging this too you know.


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