Why do guys have more options then females do? How is that?

i think guys find more females on on line and real line

then women do women find it harder to find guys to like them

then guy(good looking)have more female friends on line and real life single female friends who they like

girls find it harder to find male friends that are single interested its seem to women have a lot more restricted then males do good looking males are much luckier then women then women are with men

i would like know how this is case

is there more population of women then males in world has it got to age also due the restrict . males have more options then female from my own experience would seem so very restricted

its very unfair

please answer that question asked and read information provide


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  • most women believe that guys their own age are compatible, but in the end they are not, its the guy who is older that would make more of a connection, so the women that go for the older guy get more offers than the girl who seeks someone younger or the same age, its that way because of the fact being girls mature faster than men hence the reason, more of a connection is made towards older men than men their own age, give it a try,x

    • my question is there higher population of female in world then males because male seem to have more choice as female less choice due less male population are around considering some guys are married have gilfreinds and other very picky . female have less choice then male .i have more female friends then male guy I know has a lot more female then I do male .

    • No there's a fraction more men than there is women,x

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  • It seems to me that there are more or less same amount of female and male people in the world. Moreover, whenever one man finds woman then one woman finds this man. So this has one to one ratio. Men tend to think that women have more options and women think that men has, but it's the same. We all struggle.

    • that not case with me I have no options yet guys who rejected me always has new girl(s) on line in real life .i am she I have no male freinds in real life and none on line only guys that added are married not interested in me only added me for the numbers.the single guys I add never ever talk to me ..yet guy good looking I know has girls on line who are single very interested in him like him has lot more luck where I has no luck since I was 18 years old guys have no intersted in me only as

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    • its just guys have lot of female freinds effortless unlike me when I try I told go away and none re interested in me guys never add me never take interested no never take intertsed wasted my time like always .for it waste of time for me to make friends guys are not interested and females don't want to know me

    • Message me.

      I would like to chat with you from time to time.

      By the way, I took interest and one another man and one girl also did. Maybe you should take few friends first to get many later.

  • because for some reason, girls are attracted to guys that have options, they are attracted to guys that can replace a girl easily

    • its not what I am asking

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  • I think it's the total opposite, I think it's very easy for a woman to find a man. Than a man getting a woman. Men get rejected more all the time, Way more than women. I'm not biased here, But beautiful women get hit on all the time left and right daily. She basically has the option if she wants to hang out or not, The guy does not call the shots in this situation women do. This is based on my on experience, I been with my boyfriend for years. But it was up to me to decide if I wanted to date him or not. Regarding choices of a man, It is a fact that it's more men than women. But I never had a problem getting a man, I get hit on by older, same age and younger. But here lately it's been more younger guys, Because they think I'm around their age. But not all women have problems, Where it's hard for some. It could be harder for others.

    • guys hate me .it opposite for me .guys hate me they made career of hating me all of them.younger ,older same age all hate .i don't even get the time of day.foe me good looking guys have away more choice depending how good looking guy is the more more options he has there is no limited unlike female is rated looks if she not good looking that her tough not guy he has personally women need to godessed to be loved even liked .see where I coming from

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    • he is 22 years old and I was 29 yeras old he called old woman and coguar what difference to make he has good looking like him and are interested in him.i have no one I am getting older life is not fair so not fair why got away with verbal abuse me nd insulting and he still smilies but all I do I cry he gets to smile have happy life with hundreds of finds on fancy island I don't have any one at all.all I do feel sad and lonley .i hate my life and he life much ebtter I end up in very bad place ver

    • he lukcy girls fancy hims chase no one bothers with me every only 70 years old men and no one eles he alsy has some new on the go constanly as for me there is no one not even one ever I have lost hope of every finding any one he has always new girl who likes him always new one .as for me I am all alone