Should I wait to contact him?

So my boyfriend is neighbors with my cousin and he lives 40 min away. Our relationship was good and we spent every other day with each other for two weeks! Apparently he graduated high school and I noticed after a week of spending time with him, he is depressed. We had a talk on the last day I was going to stay there and told me that he needs a little space to sort everything out. He said that everything is confusing to him now that he is w an adult. He as well told me that we have differences, we always have had differences for a whole year, nothing has changed. It has been four days since we have had contact, I'm supposed to wait for him to contact me but it is just making me think too much. What should I do? should I wait for him to call me?, I'm back at my house so we are 40 min away. How do you think its going to end? do you think he is going to break up with me? My cousin told me that he has not been seen and he hasn't been out at all like he usually is.


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  • It's obviously past the time since you asked this question, but I just wanted to say that it's kind of ridiculous of him to say that since he graduated he's now an "adult". Being an adult isn't an instant change.

    He sounds a bit immature since he said that, perhaps even using it as an excuse. Hopefully things turned out OK for you, but don't be too surprised if he thinks college is this big change in person for him.


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