I don't know if he's finished with me or not?

I've been seeing this guy for about 4 months. He is probably the most confusing guy ever. About 2 weeks ago we were together, we had sex for the first time and talked about loads of stuff. He was saying how he loved my body, how he couldn't wait to get settled and make me his girlfriend, that he adored everything about me and he even said he loved me.

When he said that I reacted funny, I said "don't say that if you don't mean it because you won't hear it back" and I really regret saying that because it sounded a lot harsher than I meant it to sound. He stayed in bed with me the whole next day and talked and cuddled with me. The week before he text me pretty much non-stop. Then after that day, he started ignoring me.

It's been 2 weeks now, I brought up the fact that he was ignoring me on Sunday, he wasn't in a great mood and was abrupt with me (in all fairness I wasn't in a good mood either) and he's never been like that. I've tried apologizing and talking to him since but I've just been ignored. I don't really know what to do or what this means. He always said if he didn't want to see me any more he would say so, but he hasn't so I'm really confused.

Why would you wait 4 months for sex then leave? Or just suddenly change your mind? He's got a lot of family stuff going on, I've let him know that if he wants me then I'm there for him and I haven't pressured him into anything, but he knows how I feel about him. I've told him how much I care about him and how happy he makes me. I'm just so confused, I wish I could read minds.

Has any one else has an experience like this with someone?


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  • As you said I guessed 3 choices of answers...

    First maybe he has family pressures, there may be reasons that he cannot come out of the family...

    Second He may want to continue, but something in his mind stopping him..

    Final one I couldn't think really but still I guess he is finished with u.. I didn't mean that you were used.. But you should accept the point there are guys who just wants sex and that's it, if not why shouldn't he contact you somehow? Try to find out or meet him and ask out what is stopping him.


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  • he sounds like he got what he wanted and is taking the cowards way out by ignoring you. I'm sorry this has happend. some people are real creeps. Just keep your head up. There's someone better out there for you.

    Good luck!