Will Girls Pick A Guy They Like Less Over a Another Guy?

Will girls pick a guy they they don't like as much over a guy that they really like? Maybe they just got out of a relationship and are afraid of getting hurt so they pick a guy they don't have as strong of feelings for? If this does happen, why does it normally happen?


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  • It's a possibility. Sometimes women choose the guy they know they can get because its not so much of a challenge and also because they may not know how the guy they like feels about them.

  • It depends on the situation there is a million reasons this could happen.

    If her friends don't like the guys she likes more, if a girls friends don't like the guys she is usually pressured into choosing the other one, it's really immature but it happens. Also If she is dating a guy and she meets guy two ( aka guy she likes more) she might stay with the guy she is dating just because she is already dating him, no matter how much she likes guy two. It depends on the girl and the situation


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