I need help with this guy I met?

Well I met this guy, we hung out for like a week straight before he had to go home and now he is moving up were I live to go to collage. He is 19 years old I feel like he likes me I just don't want him to try to just get in my pants you know, my friend is worried about that. He is my friends older brother and we are like 3 and a half years apart. he parties a lot were as I don't but he wants me to go to one with him. Should I be careful or just avoid the relationship all together? (I would like to be friends with him at least but not sure if that's all it could be- there is a lot of chemistry) thanks!


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  • You have to make that decision...whether or not you want to pursue the friendship...as for him 'getting in your pants'...you have a voice and you do know how to say NO! Possibly, once he gets to college and gets to meet a few somewhat older college age girls he'll be a more likely candidate for simple friendship. Good Luck!

    • thanks I have to make sure I don't fall for him because he is cute and smart but slightly a player I think

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  • This all sounds like you will be tempted to do something you will regret... If that's the case, you have to stay away from him.. If you have trust in your 'self control' TOTALLY then I say hang out with the guy if that's what you want to do. But remember, you're giving him the chance to say & do all the right things at the wrong time ( maybe when your in a vulnerable moment) and the next thing you realize you will be waking up with him the next morning... So that's my two cents...

  • I don't think there is anything wrong with having a friendship with him. If he wants to get in your pants, and you don't want that, you always have the ability to say no.


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