Any good dating websites out there?

over the past six months or so I have tried a few dating sites and have not had a whole lot of success. most of them sites that you paid for and one or two that were free. I am a decent looking guy, but many of the girls do not even respond to my questions or if I try to make small talk or ask them out. some of them who I find below my league and not even very attractive I contact just out of curiosity to have most of them not even respond even if to say I am not interested.. many seem darn right snotty and think they are all of that when a lot of them are not all that not even close.

so any websites where chicks are cool and anyone have any luck on sites hooking up. or if not online how about speed dating or anything like that know of any good sites...if so please inform me. thanks


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  • uhm my mom went on plentyoffish and match and she met a guy and has been dating him for over a year


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