Why am I so STUPID when it comes to reaching a relationship?

ESPECIALLY with guys I genuinely like and feel the most comfortable with, which is ironic. Its with the guys that I'm infatuated with even though I know they like me back. Its as if I unconsciously make them confused lol. I look back at ALL of the chances I missed with the only guy I've genuinely had feelings for, I regret not giving him any positive reactions to all the sweet things he said (eg. grabbing my hand, put arm around my shoulder, putting his legs next to mine, touching my hair, ETC SO MUCH STUFF.

I'm young, 16, but I've flirted with so many guys, I get their interest, its just that once I really like the guy, I mess up and I'm not able to keep up this magic thing we have because I screw things up by never giving him the interest back. When he did all that stuff for example, I never smiled, I didn't back away though, I just had a neutral face, and ignored it, I f***ING IGNORED IT, even though I loved this guy. you'll probably tell me its cause you have no experience and maybe you're right, this was the first guy I felt like this with.I know its not being nervous, it just that I'm afraid of coming out as being all over the guy.


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  • no, you don't look like your 'falling all over the guy' and if you did, so what. do what you want. but you can't keep stopping yourself from getting into a relationship with this guy you really care about.

    my advice: be more attentive to what your doing. like when you said you kept a neutral face, you should have been paying more attention to how you react and instead smiling or giggling or whatever it is that you wanted to do. get what I'm saying?


    • I just, AGH I don't know. I regret it SO BAD, because I still have feelings for him. Well months later (7 to be exact lol), he still hadn't asked me out on a date.So I said we should hang out. He said that he didn't know because he had plans already so he would let me know (not a no, not a yes, which mad ethings 1000 times more confusing.) he told his friends I liked him, and that hurt me since a gentleman doesn't brag, he STILL tried flirting with me but my pain cause me to give him the cold shoulder.

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    • to be honest, there's a part of me that says "what if he wasn't bragging, and he just told a coupled of his friends I liked him, and then it got spreaded" lol. only his clique of friends knew though, but that's more than enough (10 guys maybe). I heard when they talked about it without knowing I was listening. also, in this class, my girl friend told me that she heard a guy of his clique tell another guy of his clique that I liked him. please meessage me

    • Sorry dear, I was offline when you responded. just add me and I'll message/ IM you


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