Some help interpreting these texts?

Okay, so I've asked this girl out before, about a year ago. She politely turned me down, and we both walked away with our dignity. Now, we've found ourselves texting each other a lot, for hours on end, usually spanning late into the night/early morning. Here's one of the conversations we had recently.

Me: Hey, you there?

Her: Just playing phase 10 with my family. You?

Me: Been housesitting for a few days. It's nice to be by myself for awhile.

Her: Loner

Me: Yep, that's me.

Her: Not me

Me: Yeah?

Her: Yeah

Me: really?

Her: I like company but at the same time I need a little alone time.

Me: I can't stand being in groups for too long

Her: How about pairs?

Me: Pairs work fine, if I like the other person enough.

Her: True...

Then it's just small talk until her iPod (which she uses a texting app on) started to die and she had to charge it. I interpreted her asking me how I like pairs as a flirty question, but I've had trouble interpreting flirting before. So, how do you guys see it?


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  • Honestly this could be either or. If she already turned you down it's possible she likes you enough as a friend to keep talking but doesn't want anything romantic from you and only flirts because she can. It's kind of an unintentional way that she is teasing you. I'd just try asking her out again and if she turns you down again you'll know that she just has a flirty personality and it doesn't mean anything


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  • I thought she was flirting to...or playing mind games.

  • I think she seems not too eager anyways. Maybe you can try to chat with her some more times.

    • Yeah, from my point of view, it seemed like she was trying to get info out of me. Like, not an interrogation, but trying to ask "innocent" questions to indirectly get answers like how I feel about being in a pair.

  • it was flirty, but she could have said it just to say it or because she likes you

  • I honestly think it looks like you're stuck in the friend zone. Sorry bro.


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