People always say it is never too late for dating, a relationship, love, why? I feel there comes a time

Honestly, I believe most people will agree, that the best years for dating and relationships, boyfriend/girlfriend, sex, are in the teens and 20's years, I don't get why people say it is never too late, where is the damn logic in that? I hate how people say "better late than never" for me it is more like "better never than late", because I'm 23, almost 24 and never had a girlfriend, still a virgin, it is very frustrating, pisses me off, I would have rather have loved and lost than to never have loved at all, I hate how people say you have plenty of time, HOW THE f*** DO I HAVE PLENTY OF TIME!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?, the best years are in my teens and 20's, because that is when people look their best physically, are the most healthy sexually-wise, those are the prime years.

seriously, I've really considered, thought of suicide many times, because I don't want to get my very first girlfriend at a later than average age, I hate, despise, loathe being different, I hate being out of the norm, but I'm probably already out of the norm already so what is the point of trying anymore?


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  • Its mostly words of encouragement. There are cases where people do find love later in life... sometimes things just work out that way! It may be hard to believe, because yes, you are right that teens and twenties are the prime years for physical looks, but there are people out there who are not all superficial and just looking for a hott lay. My aunt would be one example. In her situation she was very nerdy all throughout high school and never dated. She never even tried and therefore people never tried to date her either. She didn't meet my uncle until after she graduated from college, she was 26 when she finally had her first date. Now situations like this don't happen very often. I understand your frustration, but you are obviously doing something wrong or maybe not doing anything at all, to try and find yourself a girlfriend. Your time WILL come, unless of course you want to live life being grim about the matter and constantly frustrated. If you would calm down and stop trying so hard or maybe try a little harder (depending on what it is you're doing) then maybe things would come a bit easier for you. Are you in college? Do you have a job? I mean these are great places to meet potential dates! Are you social or do you just hide out in your house waiting for the day a woman will notice you? Try a dating website! I mean if you're that desperate to meet someone, get on or something and get out there! Its not difficult... you are just making things difficult for yourself.

    • i've tried online dating such as plentyoffish and okcupid but no luck

    • no I'm unemployed and I really wish I had a job but nobody wants to hire me after having like 20 job interviews this year

  • I think they mean if you are looking for a true connection, you will have to be patient.

    Sounds like you want to get around a little first though, which I will not judge you for.

    Pretend to be brave and start approaching girls, asking for numbers, etc.

    After all, you're only young once, as you say.

    • You down voted me? Lame. I was trying to help.

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    • i still stand by what I said

    • why is 35 even young?

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  • likewise

  • which is why I hate being male at times