What does this mean if a girl says it?

She said:

"Let's just take it easy for a little bit, I'm cool with talking and fooling around, I just don't want you to think this will work 100%."

-We are supposed to meet in late August when she is closer... she is primarily concerned with her being 12 1/2 years older than me and there is a distance issue but I said I can get a job anywhere and it's not a big deal, so I think mostly the former. I was looking for someone else and found her accidentally due to the similar name, and it evolved from just friendly talk to getting reallyyyy heavy and intimate. I am looking for a partner in the longrun, so yeah.


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  • She's being honest and straightforward. She's not going to be your long-term partner most likely, so don't expect that.

  • I agree with CatholicVirginia, sounds like she just wants something casual. That's usually the case with an older woman.


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