Trapped in a love hexagon, what should I do?

Part 1: Almost two months ago, my boyfriend of six months broke up with me due to him joining the military. I love him so much, and we recently decided to start out slowly again by starting as two friends who go out on dates and work our way back up as he's now in the reserves, BUT we haven't talked much due to his business with work and training.

Part 2: I'm close friends with all his friends ever since I met them 3 years ago and even closer when we started dating 8 months ago. I'm closest to his best friend who I hang out with all the time. He just told me he's crushed on me since he met me 3 years ago, and now loves me and wants me for himself but won't out of respect of his best friend unless I say so.

Part 3: Another friend of my ex had grown quite close to me as well. A few weeks ago, while hanging out, he had kissed me then admitted to me just a few minutes ago "I honestly love you so much it hurts" and wants to be with me despite his friendship.

Part 4: Despite my love for my ex, I've grown fond of another friend of his through conversation alone. We plan on hanging out next week after his truck is fixed. None of our friends know if he's dating the girl he took to prom or not.

Part 5: My close friend's boyfriend is a known flirt. While dating my ex he CONSTANTLY tried getting me to cheat with him. I think he's a jerk. She knows he cheated MULTIPLE times, but doesn't want to leave because he got her pregnant. He still keeps going after me saying he loves me and not her.

Lastly, part 6: A guy I had grown somewhat close to for a BRIEF moment has a huge crush on me and won't leave me alone...

What do I do about EVERYTHING?

I am staying single, but everyone is more aggressive towards being with me, and my has admitted he still loves me. The only reason we haven't gotten together is because he is so busy with the marines and work. What I'm asking is, for each situation, what should I do?
and my EX has admitted he still loves me*


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  • You have so many options! Why not stay 'single' so you can spend time with any of them without feeling guilty?


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