Is there any way to help cheer him up?

I was talking to my crush last night, and it was really late at night. Somehow our conversation went a little down south (if you know what I mean) and he asked me if I would send him a picture (clothed, he's not a pervert that would ask for any other sort of picture). I attempted taking a picture, but my phone's camera is crappy and to top it off I didn't look very good and the lighting in my room is bad, so I texted him and said I would send him one tomorrow. He sent me a sad face, and I told him that I was sorry and the reason why I wasn't sending a picture then. Then he told me he felt really bad that he acted that way, and that he was an a$$ for doing such a thing. I told him I wasn't mad at him, and to not be too hard on himself, which he said okay, and I told him I was going to bed.

I texted him this morning and he seemed happy to text good morning to me but when I asked how he was he said "Okay I guess." I asked him what was wrong, he said he had a long night and he didn't sleep well.

I have the feeling it's still from that, and I want him to feel better. Is there any way I can cheer him up from this?


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  • If he's sad from the conversation then you need to show that there's no hard feelings, crack a few jokes with him show that you still enjoy talking with him despite the thing that happened.

    • I'm trying but he's still a bit upset. I've told him I didn't like him any less, I wasn't mad at him, I've tried joking with him, and I told him I wanted to give him a hug to make him feel better, and although he seems fine with all that I think he's still upset with himself from all that. Apparently he's upset that he feels he's making me bad and changing my innocence, which I'll say I'm not that innocent. I don't know what to tell him :(

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    • I let him go for now, thinking he was busy, and he texted me a little later. He mentioned what happened again and I reassured him that everything was okay, and I think he finally moved past it. Thank you :)

    • Glad to hear!

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