It's been over a month of dating each other. Please read and give me some thoughts on the questions below?

1. It's been over a month of dating each other..

2. We've not even held hands - he says it's hard when I'm next to him (I've linked arms with him though)

3. We hug

4. We do hang out in public

5. He said he's told his friends about me

6. We text everyday

7. He has not broken the *touch barrier*

8. He's payed for me every time although I hate it ( he did allow me to pay once after bugging him lol)

9. He's told me he wants to hold me and kiss me (via texts)

10. We are still somewhat awkward and I'm still a tad quiet when I'm with him..

11. He's picked me up from a station once and drove me all the way home.. He lives 20-30 min away from me.. And my house is in the opposite direction.

Question.. Is it okay the way things are going? Too slow? Normal to be a bit quiet still? And not knowing what to say smtimes? Girls, guys, would you say he seems genuine, or if he was things would go quicker? I'm so new to this I have no idea!


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  • The guys is incredibly awkward but he seems to mean well enough.

    If it's been over a month and he can't hold your hand he's REALLY slow, and despite all the efforts he goes to intimacy seems to be a huge problem for him. I'd suggest you try initiating some of these things yourself because at this rate nothings gonna happen.

  • Maybe he's scared to push you to do things that it will move to quick or he will loose you. on the other hand he may not be into it as you are.


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