I do not get approached by guys. Plus are my standards too high?

I'm 23 in my last year in college. My friends easily get approached by guys...and I don't. I have high self confidence, college educated, employed, stylish, great personal hygiene. I'm 5"9 and I resemble HOPE SOLO. I'm very extroverted, I'm the funniest of my friends and I know a lot about sports too. My family and friends tell me I'm a great catch, but NO MAN is trying to catch me. I go out all the time (bars. Clubs. Gym. Sport events. Concerts) no guy wants to make a move on me. I've been single for 1.5yrs.

What's going on?!?!? Do they think I'm in a relationship?

List of my standards: are they high? I don't think so.

College education +


Self sufficient

Law abiding


--------------this is the base standards I'm looking for.


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  • Most likely they are intimidated.. You seem to hang out with boys (not men) who are still a little insecure and feel they are out of your league... Or... Let me ask you a question.. Do you voice that you want a serious relationship verses a more liberal one? They might just want to "play the field" and move on, not get involved with mature woman who knows what she wants... Oh, & by the way, for some reason & it has happened to me. When I'm looking, No ONE is around showing the least bit of interest. As soon as I have someone in my life, or I just don't want anything to do with a relationship they come in droves! People tend to want what they can't have... Maybe you can use that technique to bag yourself a guy..

    Hope is a gorgeous woman! Hmmm. I'm very secure, athletic & not only educated but I have a career as well... :-)


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  • Just to be clear, you're a student, but looking for a guy who isn't?

    It can happen, but actual dating I knew more students dating students and employed dating employed.

    • Well they need to be in college and/or have a job. I'm in college and have a part time job.

  • at least you've had a boyfriend before

  • Hope Solo is very athletic. I wouldn't approach you because I like my women curvy. :)

    • I'm curvy. But I resemble hope solo because of her height face and hair. I'm average and tall. Cindy Crawford 1990's bod is more me.

  • You're typical and boring. Hope Solo isn't anything special either. I mean maybe it's just your overall attitude.


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