He's been acting like this for a week now. Did I miss something here?

I've been dating this guy for about 3 months now and I thought we were doing pretty well and getting better if anything. One day I'm hanging out at his house and we start doing some sexual things so he locks the door so his dad doesn't come in. Well his dad ends up banging on the door and asking what were doing... point blank it was uber embarrassing. The next day he texted me telling me his dad said I'm not allowed over for awhile till he can learn how to "keep his door open", but I saw that coming. Ever since then though he never texts me, rarely talks to me when we have track practice, and pays more attention to other girls (like flirts with them right in front of my face) than me. He's been acting like this for a week now. Did I miss something here? Why is he acting like this?

we are both in high school btw


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  • He is an immature boy. Move on and find a man. He is a player that is not even man enough to have his own place or his own privacy then on top of that he treats you like that. You are worth more than his time and attention and can get MUCH better. Best of luck to you hun

    • Thnx and I hope you are doing great now. Live up the rest of the summer.

    • yeah we broke up and your right, he's like a child and I don't have time for that. Thanks

    • Very welcome :) carpe diem

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  • I don't think you missed something. It does not make sense for me either. Talk to him about this.

  • Well the anon answer you got is still a good answer even if you guys are still in school. His dad obviously has no trust in him so that means you should not either. He is very rude to be blowing you off and checkin out other girls right after this thing happened


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