What am I doing wrong?

so I've been single for a while now, I do my best to make myself avalible without being to out there but it still feels impossible to get an actual boyfriend instead of just a bootycall I've met new guys they always tell me "your boyfriend is the luckiest guy in the world" or "i'd give anything to be with you" but they never take the next step I try not to hold anyone in the friendzone but that's what it feels like I'm doing. any advice?


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  • You're rushing things!

    If! You have a timetable!

    Deep 6 it!

    Finding someone, is like finding love.

    It all takes time.

    The reason guys say those things is because they know that a woman loves to hear those things.

    Open your horizons!

    There are museums,fairs, festivals (movie and other wise!), Volunteering, mentoring, so on!

    You have an open field out there!

    Use it!


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  • Yeah I think you should just take it slow. You're a pretty girl and you have a very nice smile, so I'm sure that you have no trouble attracting guys. Have you tried just being direct and telling a guy you like him? That honestly works about 90% of the times with guys. Girls sometimes over-think things, while guys are are more straightforward. It becomes so much easier when you just open up and let a person know what you're feeling...like a weight off the shoulders.

  • are you letting these new guys think you have a boyfriend? are you giving them any incentive to make further moves? If I said that to you and you had no response? what should I think?

    • no no I always let them know there's no guy around , and that I'm single they just respond like that's shocking or I can't believe a girl like you is single and I'm like well yep .. so idunno

    • fools! ;-)

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