What does this actually mean?

I recently asked a question about why this guy keeps texting me almost every day & shows signs that he likes me although he has a girlfriend & someone answered with "He wants his cake & he wants to eat it too". But I don't see how it relates, what does it mean?


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  • Saying someone wants their cake and to eat it too just basically means they want both things which one would know you can't have. He can't be loyal to his girlfriend which he obviously still wants or he'd leave, but he wants other girls/you too (the "eat it part). He's not happy with just his cake (girlfriend)...

    • Ohhh OK I get it now, thanks..

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  • it relates a lot. It means he wants the both of you. He should know better, because clearly his girlfriend wouldn't like this or allow it.

  • It means he wants a girlfriend and still talk to other girls on the side.