What did I do wrong? Um please read this and tell me what I did wrong

why did she lie about the s**?

and why is she talking to my best friend?

why is she asking for space and texting me?

here what happen...

my girlfriend of ten months has a lot of stressful stuff in her life going on and its affecting us and how she feels. she was ra**d 2 years ago and I was the first person she told, and she got hit by her step dad last month. he is in prison after punching her and beating her mom to where she went in the hospital. this girl coems to me about everything I love her she loves me she's my first I'm her... oh no I'm not her first she lied and her 3 best friends told me she lied and told me who she had s** with and I asked those people and they told me the truth. so she lied about that, and they fu**ed in her bed... we had s** in that bed too so I feel gross. why would she lie about that? as far as I know she ain't cheat and one guy she fuc*** she knew for a few weeks and wasn't dating which I think is mest up she lied to my face.

she texted me everyday and its the 5th and she wanted to meet up last night so I did and she acted kind then a b word after she got me falling for her. so today she texted me and asked me if I was with one of my friends? coincidence, he calls me saying she's bugging the crap out of him by wanting to hang out he told her to f*** off what she did to me was fu**** up. so she ask for space but then wants to talk to other guys? can you answer that question please too.

when her mom was diagnosed with cancer I sat in the the hospital with her her mom and her 2 younger siblinigs who are annoying twins! but I love them, each of them. even over Christmas I sat in the hospital with her and her family even though my family was in town. so a girl I was dating at that time it was about 3 months and I sat in that hospital with them. almost a week, I left for cloths, go to places for food for her family, and when I was asked to. so why is she doing this to me?

I AM NOT PERFECT! I pucked up one of my exes from middles school after a football games ( I'm 16 btw) and I felt horrible but then she in return hugged some guy and gave him her number... yea screwed up. I made more mistakes but, you get this don't you?

so I give her everything and she does this to me? could you answer my four questions at the begginging of this, thanks. oh she's punched me a lot to like I let her when I held her when she cried she would hit me and left bruises on me. idc I love her and it helped her get her stress out but she ask for space and does this to me?

please tell me where I went wrong

and we are sitting down tomorow at a park with her mom and my parents near by so we don't get out of controll yelling and fighting and I don't know what to do... like hwo do I confront her about the sex and everything because I'm not a mean person. I refuse to be a butt to someone who treats me bad I'm just not like that. thanks for helping for anyone who does


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  • She seems to have lots of problems which are also affecting you when they shouldn't.

    I don't know why she lied about sex and you haven't done anything wrong. She might like your best friend or she's taking to him because she wants to get information about or to u. She says she wants space yet is texting you because she doesn't know what she wants. She is so messed up. And why are you letting her punch u, you are being her stress ball! She doesn't realize what a great guy she's got. You will benefit a lot more if you leave the rationship.

    • So jut let the break up be

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    • I'll just let her go for no. Maybe she will find her self back in my arms (home)

    • Awww right decision.

  • no offence bro but from what I read she is a huge muther fking player


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