Girls mainly please help on your opinion with this? - Will she ever speak to me again?

- we've been together for 2 years (love and hate relationship like a lot of crap as happened but we got closer even after all the bad stuff (she mainly did the bad stuff like cheated and lied) (I cheated also but to get over what she did) )

- broke up with me a week before 2 year anniversary and didn't even bother coming to see me for it when the date actually arrived

- wanted break up said she wants me in her life

- called her after a week she got angry and said she didn't expect or want me to call

- I guess I called to early

- told her I was just seeing if she was okay, she took it beyond that and thinks I'm trying to get back with her, I just miss her that's all but I don't want a relationship right now either

- last convo we had ended like

blah blah blah I asked for my stuff back in person she said no she'll send it by mail and said no at least give me the respect of giving it to me in person

she thinks I'm trying to emotionally black mail her

she called me shouting her head off, I cut the phone out of frustraction and I don't like being shouted at I don't know why she always turns everything into an argument

convo ended with me haning up the phone then she text me

'that its overrrrrrrrr! I'm done we're done I'm throwing your stuff in the bin' and then I replied she should leave me alone because I'm tired of her shouting at me and not listening to what I have to say and thinking all I wanna do is get back with her and then told I said f*** you out of anger (I hardly ever swear) and that I get she wants nothing to do with me so just leave me alone

I didn't reply she tried to call then text what should I do with your stuff and that said I should speak now or else that's it

I ignored this and we have not contacted each other in a week

I am now afraid she's taken all this seriously and is never gonna contact me again, I miss her like I said but I do not want to be her boyfriend anymore, she's too unfair and gives up on me easily I don't wanna be with someone like that but she's been so much a part of my life that not talking to her is frustrating and the thought of her gone forever is disturbing

I am afraid she's changed her number, actually thrown my stuff in the bin (although I don't care it was just a few clothes and a cheap little ring I gave her for her birthday last year) and won't bother talking to me again as she's the one who actually initiated the break up and has been so strong minded about it ever since she broke up with me that she doesn't wanna be with me. I'm cool with not being a couple anymore but I don't want her out my life for good.

I don't want things to end like this, please help?

Do you think she's really not gonna talk to me ever again, like from a girls opinion do you think she'll feel bad about the argument we had or the way this has ended since we last spoke, her birthdays also in 3 weeks so I don't know to say happy birthday or not.


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  • I know exactly how you feel :) .. Yea she might have gone over you .. if she ever appreciated your relationship, she ll come back later .. definitely not now though .. but if not , then she is gone. I know it hurts , and I know that the fact that she initiated the break up hurts even more .. but the truth is that you have to go over her.. work on your confidence ,and try to pull yourself together.. she is not worth it obviously.. I was in the same exact boat , and it hurt me like hell .. but I went over it and I'm much stronger now .. its hard , trust me I know .. but you have to do it .. you have been pretty strong in what you did and your reaction , much stronger than I was .. so it should be easier on you ! she is not worth it , people come and go .. no matter how much they once meant to us .. just let it go :)

    • Thank you you actually made me feel better.

      I don' even want to be with her she's not worth my love, I really wanna just love a girl and that' it no drama of cheating and lying and me doing the same back or breaking up for no reason

      You can't be alll smiles and bubbly every single day but at least you can always look foward to talking to the man/woman you love and love having them in your life.

      Its hard and breaking my heart but I'm kind of glad, its something to learn from

    • I do however still want her in my life though but not as a girlfriend nor as a good friend that ill always talk to just I don't not ever wanna see or talk to her again

      And I'm sorry to hear something similar has happened to you, life is just not fair sometimes lol but yeah thank you for responding and I hope you find someone that's worthy of loving and trusting unconditionally

    • I wish the same to you :) .. and well one thing I learnt , is never to ignore your feelings and always do whatever you think will make you feel better at that moment .. there is no good reason on this earth to let yourself get hurt .. so try to do whatever makes you happy :) good luck

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