Wtf did she want? Lol thoughts on this?

Ok, so I met this young chick through work, she is 6 years younger.

I saw her most days but rarely talked.

I reluctantly asked through a coworker/friend of hers about her, her status, etc. It turned out that she is single, "recently" broke up with a boyfriend and isn't looking to date or a boyfriend, only to "hang out"...

Me, I thought...well, I want a girlfriend, not some hookup...I can get those...but I don't want that. Am I not good enough to be her boyfriend or something? and WTF did she mean by "hanging out"... ...she seemed to be real into me and attracted...I couldn't help it, I reluctantly started chatting her up but eventually didn't ask her out or anything knowing anything with her wouldn't amount to anything with any meaning (to me).

She seemed real interested later I was real confused about her... anyway, in the end I never asked her out and she seems peeved now. I hate to think now that maybe as we talked more and got to know each other she changed her mind about me only for me to walk away from her? I don't know... it was all too frustrating/ confusing.

Thoughts? future advice? anything?


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  • Maybe the co-worker tried to sabotage her?

    Or maybe you spent all that time talking and didn't ask her out, even if all she wanted was a "hang out" maybe she wanted to hang out with you because you seemed interested when she was interested and because you didn't ask she got mad.