What are relationships like when you just start dating - in high school and such.

What on earth could you possibly do in a relationship at the age of fifteen or so? What's the need?

I don't remember what I thought about boys four years ago, but I know that I wasn't interested in dating.

Younger people, or those who remember - what is a relationship to you at that age?

I'm asking because my sister just turned 15 and she now has a "boyfriend" - she doesn't talk about him, and the only thing they've done is go for walks and watch movies, but they have been texting for a few months. It baffles me that I can't remember what that was like. I didn't date until I was eighteen and my relationships have always been pretty serious.


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  • I didn't care as much when I was 15 but I still wanted to have a girlfriend. I was always a hopeless romantic thinking that maybe I'll get extremely lucky and find a High School sweetheart but of course that didn't happen. It was still fun anyways. It felt good having someone outside of your family that cares about you in a different way, a romantic way. They never lasted more than a few months at most but that was alright. I couldn't drive then but I was lucky to have an older cousin who didn't mind to drop me off to parties and stuff and he wasn't old enough so it would be awkward to pick my girlfriend up with him. It was cute.


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  • At age 15 I think all me and my boyfriend did was just go out on dates, dances, and make out all of time lolz

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