Girls- have any of you been in the same situation as me? I'm so disappointed in myself.

A guy kissed me on new years eve and he wasn't single, recently his girlfriend found out but they're still going out so I guess they're okay. But now others have found out and it's blown out of proportion- now people think we did drugs, kissed and did some other stuff! it's not true :(

I feel like a complete bitch, or I feel like people think I'm a bitch. I can barely face my group of friends because he's with them and It's too awkward. It's so stupid, I wish nobody knew because now people have a bad impression of me.

Any of you been in the same situation?


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  • If it's not true than there's nothing to worry about. You can't control what other people think of you. You can try to get your side of the story out there and then let people make up their own minds about what did or did not happen. If nothing happened then there's no reason to feel like a bitch.

    If it did happen then you have to live with the consequences of your actions; however, I think it would be worse for him seeing as he was the one with the girlfriend.


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  • i've been on both ends of that situation, I've done the kissing and had a Boyfriend do it too me, you just have to wait for the issue to die down, people are going to gossip about it and blow it out of porportion no matter what you do about, you just got to wait it out , trust me people will get bored of it, when the next hottest gossip comes around

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