Friends after one night stand?

there is this guy, I met in club and exchanged numbers then he suggest meeting a few days later and I agreed.

he took me to a bar after we met and drove me to his home. (the bar thing suggests his intentions right? won't bother to take me to dinner)

after 10min of movie he leaned and kissed me. I am just too much of a pushover or just quite liked him to say no and we had sex.

we chatted a bit afterward and he offered me a ride home. and he was quite reluctant to contact me after that

i actually want to be friends with him but I know I screw that up totally. I am now a very easy girl to him and he won't contact me anymore.he's 28 and I'm 20. he's not settling down anyway. I am just to inexperienced to play with him :"(

i am wondering if I can still turn this around and try to stay friends with him? if so, any suggestions?

or this is not possible as he just want sex anyway and I have already given it to him therefore I should just stop contacting him and learn from the mistake of shame and not being that easy next time?(this is what I tell myself to do but I am afraid I can't help texting him)

i really hate myself for being so weak and pushover about this things.. guys I need your honesty to pull me out of this sh*t!


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  • sh*t happens, learn from it, you are too young yet, drop him and get to know a guy who won't push for that right away, a guy who actually likes you will wanna get to know you first. yer lucky he won't contact you anyways, and why would you wanna still be friends after he pulled that crap anyway? he ain't worth your time, he took advantage of your inexperience & young age! Jack a** is all he is

  • idk if he would like to be friends with you. I would let him know that you want to be friends and that's it so you doesn't think that you want to be in relationship with him.