Me and this girl used to have a thing - what do I do?

OK well me and this girl used to have a thing then we both started dating other girls and I still thought about her. my buddys been talking to her lately and he was telling her that it seems like her and I had a lot in common and asked her if she ever wondered what it'd be like if she was to give me a chance and her reply was asking if id take her on a real date be there for her and do nice things for her and if I wanted to be with her id text her everyday trying to be with her but I don't and if I want her to give me a chance then I'm gonna have to make her wanna be with me. what do I do? I know my buddies done what he had to do without me even asking but what do I do now?


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  • Well if you really like her and want to be with her then make her know it... a girl will hide every feeling she has for someone until she feels safe to show otherwise... If you want her she ain't going to chase you, you must chase her.


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