Why did he act dumb?

I've been with my boyfriend almost 2 years , on Wednesday my boyfriend told me that one of our friend is having hid bachelor party in Vegas in August and that he was going and he was letting me know ahead of time ... He had said it was guys only ! Then the next day my friends fb me and told me I wad invited... And said that all the girls were going also..but that the girls were doing something diff separate from guys ..yesterday I asked my boyfriend if he was sure it was only guys going ..

and changes the answer to well his wife is going but none of the girls you know are going and my cousins are not going .. Only her friends ..then he asked why and what did my friend tell me or if Questioned her about it ..


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  • i say go!

    - Or ask the guy who is having the bachelor party

    Guys can be dumb yes

    Ask your boyfriend also directly if there is something wrong that would make him lie to you

    And after that bring your friends into the convo

    • The bachelor party if from a friend of ours . His friend Plays in his softball team..anc I'm friends with the girlfriend ..

    • So you can be honest.

      Are you worried about something? It seemed like in your summary. I mean he's going to vegas and with a bunch of guys and it seems like he's lying to you?

    • Not that I'm worried about anything.. But the fact that he lied to me saying it was all guys only and didn't mention that the girls were going also .. Whatever girls it was ..just makes md wonder what's his problem and why hd would lie about that

  • Did you tell him that you got an invite to go on the trip? Would there be any reason for him to want to go there without you? Or is it truly possible that he just misunderstood?

    • Well I told him I got an invite yesterday from the girl ..he didn't say nothing

      But he had to me from the begging that is was guts only .. But then yesterday when I asked him if he was surd if was only guys he changed it to .. Well how wife is going with her friends .. But none of my girl cusjns ser going and the wives of the team are not going other...