Why do guys go for the "Hot Girls"?

So I've been wondering why guys seem to go for the 'hot girls'. My best friend is so beautiful, (I'm going to be a tiny bit graphic, sorry!) she's pale, petite, long dark hair until her waist, beautiful green eyes, and athletic. She's thin, round fit butt, 36c bra. She's also really smart, and talented, she learns high level math, geography, civics and loves astronomy and world history. She's an amazing artist, hip hop dancer, and singer and wants to be a film director. She gotten all these certificates and is so sweet and kind and modest. She's good to animals and kids, is patient and open minded...She's just amazing.

Though she's been through a lot, and because of that she's not really confident and shy.

This other girl in my class is also really attractive, I can't lie. She's tall, thin, tanned. Big butt, brown eyes, brown hair, nice expensive clothes, wears a lot of makeup, straitened dyed hair with extensions, and rich. She's hot, but just so so mean and shallow! I don't understand how all the guys love her and surround her, and don't even notice my friend. I know she wants a guy to ask her out, a nice, good looking guy, but it doesn't happen...

Why do you think that is? She's really an amazing person..So what's up?

To "TheDigitalSaint": Thanks for you reply. My friend is happy and smiles, does talk with guys and can start a conversation. She participates in classes she likes. When I said shy, I meant that she has a very soft voice, and is the type to listen more than speak...She only talks with people she likes/feels comfortable with, when spoken to, or feels very strongly about something. I don't know..You think she could seem bitchy to people? Because she's the complete opposite...I hope not...


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  • Well, some attractive girls do get overlooked. I dated a model for a while who you'd think was constantly in demand from the guys, but because she too was shy, she was not hit on nearly as much as you might think.

    As for your friend, she sounds quite rounded out for an attractive girl. Many, many, hot girls have serious issues. I've dated enough to know that perhaps even a majority are that way. Also, when you talk about the other hot girl in the class, she sounds more outgoing, thus the guys she's with might think they have a chance with her. She probably is stringing these guys along for the attention, or sleeps with the guys she finds most attractive. Either way, looks fade quickly and I doubt she's the type to attract a good guy to be in a LTR with.

    You're friend does sound very beautiful, but beauty isn't enough if she is so shy that she is unintentionally putting off a vibe of being unfriendly, unattainable or for lack of a better word, bitchy. Does your friend smile a lot? Does she ever make a point of speaking up in class? Does she initiate conversations with other men outside of class or in social settings? Girls that have her kinds of looks would do well to take charge and not wait for a guy to come to them. Most men are scared to go up to a very beautiful girl. She has more power than she realizes if she initiates.

    • There's nothing wrong with listening more than speaking. Does she make a point of asking guys for their phone number or Facebook, then inviting them to hang out (either as a group, or just one-on-one)?

      Here's what you're going to do. Go to my profile page by clicking on my name. Click articles. Read the LONG article I wrote about shy girls and then come back and tell me what you think.

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    • Yes, there are guys out there willing to help her cope. Just keep in mind that she has to be honest with them as to why she might have a hard time getting close to them at first. If nothing else, she can always try to befriend several men and from that friendship try to determine which ones of the guys are most trustworthy, narrow it down from there and see if she can pick on out to date.

    • Thanks for BA.

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  • Well here's my take on it... The first girl seems to have A LOT going on in her life, possibly even to the level of being an overachiever. A lot of guys might feel intimidated by a girl like that. I can't really think of any other reason why they wouldn't like her.

    • I seriously doubt that it's because guys only go after hot girls since I'm not that hot and I've never had trouble getting guys lol