Why doesn't he just go out with me?

Sorry this is long

alright so this guy I have know my whole life he is four years older then me but he is my moms best friends oldest son. So he lives in Florida and I live in ny he use to live here but then he moved well our whole childhood he weeks we go visit them he would put his arm around me and hold my hand and then 2 summers ago I was 15 he 19 we went to visit him and one night I was laying on the couch because everyone was going to bed and that is where I was sleeping he came over and kissed me on the lips I was shocked at first but then I pretended to fall asleep(yeah that is bad I didn't know what to do ) but then the next morning he had to go to college classes so when his alarm went off I heard it and woke up and on his way out I was pretending to sleep he put a blanket on top of me and kissed my forehead and then left and when I came back home I found him on fb and chatted with him saying sorry I didn't talk to about the kiss he then said he has liked me for a long time so then we started talking he would tell me he misses me and wishes he could kiss me again and I said I love you but he told me he doesn't like the distance but he keeps saying those things I asked him if we could try dating he said no because of the distance how can I convince him to try the long distance relationship?


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  • You shouldn't convince any guy to be in a relationship with you period. A relationship takes TWO people to make it work.