My boyfriend is a very nice guy and handsome, which is how I ended up with him.

My boyfriend is a very nice guy and handsome, which is how I ended up with him - I had known him for years over 15 - and he was always the perfect gentleman with ME - I know his family and we have same friends though I am from the suburban area and he was from a poor family in the city - I have a degree, good career, own a condo - etc - he is the opposite - he was a single dad solely raised his son when the wife/mom abandoned the kid -- this guy did all for the kid gave him a nice clean home - cooked took good care of him EXCEPT -- he did not get up and work daily to pay for stuff for the kid in his last 4 years of high school - this father met an older unattractive female - told her we are JUST hanging out - ie friends- and she fell in love with him - and would always offer to pay for everything for his son - rarely did he use her $$ for himself - well NOW that the son is raised out of high school and now a Marine as of last fall he has dropped this woman 200% -- no need for her -- she is alcoholic and I think has psych problems. NOW she is harassing us both now police are involved -- as she ran after me while she was WORKING in uniform for the public transit - she makes probably 80k or better NOW may loose that job trying to harass ME -- and the entire incident is on video - I walked by she chased me - I went back and got the TRANSIT police -- and then I had to get a harassment order due to ALL of this... Now I have a hard time NOT being mad at HIM for bringing all of this drama AND I have NEVER ever had to deal with anything like this before... Last night he was to come to my house but I kind of did not want him there cause I knew I still kind of hold it against him... now she has broken into and vandalized his house 2 times police were involved and now he has a restraining order against her... His problem is that although he is the nicest person in the world very loving, very caring, great in the bed, cooks, cleans and he is a carpenter so he can build and fix everything - BUT he is not so great when it comes to consistent working and he drinks beer too much... SO my problem IS - does anyone understand ME being upset that I have all of this because of HIM - AND yes I would marry him as he is really a great guy if you look SOLELY at the human side - but if we look at his earning side not so great... I am torn cause I don't want to be mean to him but I detest this situation he has gotten me into. Now I have to tell my parents of all of this drama... I will say to him was it really worth it to NOT really WORK for 3-4 years - a REAL job he would build on a friends home for some non-steady money - to just hang out all day.. He did work for 27 years and was a hard worker - I am hoping he will get back to that... He would be a perfect house husband - but I want a man that can earn also - which he can.. I know he can't control that crazy female - BUT if you all were ME would you be really mad at him for this drama that seems to be never ending...


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  • Why are you complaining so late and why do you want to do something about it so late?

    • because I finally think I have had it with the drunks, not working, and drama -- he is a good natured person - I was WANTING to FULLY get back together with him and maybe marry BUT the alcoholism has destroyed his life and I did not want to believe it because he is such a nice person -- but getting me involved in police and restraining orders is NOT OK this is about the last straw and I told him yesterday he is NOT a man and takes no responsiblity for his life at all then has a pity party.

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