How long should I wait to text her and how to get her to be more interested?

This girl and I have texted a lot, she kinda likes me and has for a long time. WE have now fallen into the habit of texting for a bit and then taking a break throughout the day. She says she enjoys it cause she gets 'me' time and makes talking more fun. Yesterday was a bad day, she was tired and I was tired but we pushed through a texted most the day. Today we texted a few in the morning then I picked it back up around 10:30 and it latest about an hour. This is how I ended the convo:

'Do you think its worth trying to talk? I honestly don't mind, I just don't want to be annoying.' - Me

'Maybe later when I'm not lazy' - Her

'hmm OK, I'm looking forward to it :). Should I wait for your text or just wait a few hours?' - Me

'Just text in a few hours' - Her

Did I make a mistake in how I ended that conversation? Its how most of them end up anyways though.


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  • You're kinda coming off as a little needy. I'd just give it a rest and shell text you. Don't set time limits. Everyone needs their space. Maybe lay off it for a whole day and if she texts you first that day then continue. If not then text her the next day and see how it goes.

    • I see, I didn't think I was coming off as needy; just as a side note this girl does tell me when I am getting too needy. What part was needy sounding? As another side note she said she would wait til later to talk. Sorry just don't want to mess up by becoming needy with her again...

    • Like asking her when you should text her and stuff, just let it happen. Girls sometimes get annoyed when you ask too many questions

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  • Stop thinking about it so much. Nothing is going to happen. It seems things are fine. Good luck.


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