I'm not a player. Which girl should I choose?

Its SUMMER again and you know what that means. Its time for a new relationship to start forming. I've been single awhile now since last summer. But there are TWO girls I like and I don't know who to chooseBoth are about the same age. I don't want to try and talk to both Id rather pursue one or the other. I like both girls and I'm NOT a PLAYER so what should I do?Which girl do you think I should choose based on this basic info?

Girl #1

Somewhat attracted to her(attraction matters to me, might not matter for some people tho)

About 6 foot(a little taller than me)

Works a lot (cocktail waitress)

Known her for awhile(ex coworker)

Gotten to know some of her family

85% sure she is interested in me as more than a friend

Girl #2(More info on girl#2 in a previous Q I asked. go check it out)

Very attracted to her

Shorter than me

Classmate In my summer class

Only known her for about three weeks

70% sure she is interested in me as more than a classmate


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  • You should pursue both. Doing so does not make you a player.

    You should pick the one you actually get along with better on dates.

    • Tru. I havnt been on a date with either yet. Girl #1 is the closedt to a date. Hopefully after a couple dates ill know. Ill keep yall updated

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  • Date both, but don't let them know. Just know that they have every right to date others, unless you both agree it will be exclusive...THEN it'd be wrong.

    • I'd like to add that sometimes attraction takes time to build, or lessen, which is why you should date both to see where it goes...who knows, maybe down the road your attraction for #2 girl will cease.

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  • I'd go with the first one since you know her better. It's less of a gamble.

    • Yeah but I am really crushing on Girl #2 and I like the challenge.

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  • Find some one of your height and your type dear!

    good luck!

  • i'd say pick girl #2 get to know her a bit more. good luck!

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