Is this a good sign?

Ive been seeing a guy for about 2 weeks I made it clear to him I wasn't gonna have sex right away

neither of us are virgins we both have daughters..

anyway last night we spent the night together and he didn't even try to get in my pants and I thought for sure he was gonna. Like we made out for awhile then cuddled and went to sleep, I was like.. Holy crap I thought wed mess around a little but he didn't even try

Is that a good sign.that he's actually into me and wanting a relationship instead of a f. Buddy?


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  • I would think so. He apparently got the message that you aren't going to have sex right away and he is respectful of your whims. It is definitely a good sign because it shows that he actually respects you and thinks of you more than just a sex object.

  • He's gay! Just kidding.

    You setup a boundary and he's respecting it without any pressure on you, that's a good thing. The male sex drive is a hard thing to control in a situation like that. He showed great restraint, and great respect for you. A stand up guy.

    It's going to be up to you to pull down the boundaries, so reward him big when you do. Lol.

    ...or have some fun with it and see how sexy you can get with him before he breaks. ;-D

    • Lmao love this answer!

      thank you lots!

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