Aam I filling a role that's unfair to me?

I've been hanging out with this girl for about a month now. We've texted forever. We have hooked up and we were drunk one night and I told her I liked her. She said something along the lines that she didn't want a relationship, because of, what I got out of it, her past relationships. But still, we text all day everyday, and hang out almost everyday. This is the part that confuses me the most, because when I've told people I like them, and they don't feel the same, they tend to back away a bit. I did the same thing with a female friend several months ago.

Also, over the 4th holiday. we took a picture together and she uploaded it with a "<3" for a comment on Facebook. I guess what I'm asking is, am I filling a role that's unfair to me? Part of me feels like she is having her cake and eating it to. What do you think?


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  • Good question! I have a very similar one that no one has answered (probably because it is long). Will you read it and try to answer it? I will put the link to it;


    Now I will do my best to answer your question. I have never told anyone I am not interested in a relationship (let alone keep talking to them). If I am not interested in someone I will be glad to not have to deal with them (as I feel bad for it). However, I was in a long term relationship that broke my heart and literally two days later I met a guy that liked me. He was attractive and fun. He asked me out, but I said no. I was so upset about my break-up. I did talk to this guy from time to time. So that is a mixed message I guess. Eventually he went out with someone else.

    She did say she wasn't interested in a relationship right now. So, you might want to think about what it is that you want. Are you looking for a relationship? Maybe you can just say -great let's be friends to her, then go out with other women. What ever you do, maybe do a little vacation for yourself (to away for a day or two), don't talk to her, just take some time to yourself and try figure out your priorities and values. Good luck.

  • I think she is at her right place

    the best part is she isn't lying, she has told you clearly that she isn't ready for a anything serious..

    may be she has gone through a lot!

    if you really like/love her make her feel Ur worth.. make her trust u.. or may be fall in love with u

    remember don not force her for anything

    if it works out.. well and good or enjoy the good times Ur having with the girl you like

    life is short enjoy it!



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