Why won't the girl I like text me back?

I've known this girl for 3 months now and were good friends and I like her, I'm pretty sure she likes me too. She was on vacation and came home today. I sent her a text last night asking how she was because I wanted to make plans for this weekend to hangout.

She had previously said we should hangout when she got back and texted me the other day reminding me that she was coming home today.

Why won't she respond now?


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  • How long have you been waiting? Ten minutes? Two hours, etc?

    Wait a while and then say; There is this movie playing (or event happening, what ever) on Saturday at noon and you wanted to know if she was up for going with you. Then say you have to get going now because you have plans with a friend, but look forward to her response.

    • It's been about 20 hours. I texted her last night.

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    • I'm not sure when her flight was today. But regardless,I texted her early enough last night that she could have responded and plenty of time today to text back. And there have been messages that she hasn't responded to in the past, but it was always like needing a conversation. This is the first time she has just straight up not responded at all. I'm so confused.

    • I suggest you find a friend or brother/sister, who ever to go do something with instead of her. If she does finally get back in touch with you, you can always make plans for another day. Sorry.

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  • You realize, it is almost impossible to answer this question. Maybe she has things to do, now that she is back from vacation. Although that is just a guess.


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